Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday - Be Safe!

RIP to the Godfather of Soul

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I watched the Bad Brains dvd "Live @ CBGB's 1982" last night...I was 11 when they played these shows...the energy of the crowd and band is unreal

I'm working with a clothing company who wants to license a few of my jazz photos for t-shirts. I can't tell you what images and who the company is just yet, but I will have a link up as soon as everything is finalized...


Monday, December 18, 2006

Gunn has a new album's amazing!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

X-Mas shopping is killing me this year, I should have just done it all on-line...

I just got confirmation, I'm shooting Every Time I Die in Buffalo on the 22nd.

New Senses Fail shots added to my 2nd port.

I've started this project in my studio, basically just trying to get more organized. I need an intern who'll work for pizza and beer lol, there are literally thousand of photos and negatives that need to be alphabetized and put away in filing cabinets.

I found this old shot of The Rev, I'll try and publish it later today.

"5 killer albums of 06"

If you dig the album don't be a punk, go buy it! What a novel the artist "Don't steal it off the internet"

The BellRays - Have a Little Faith

Celtic Frost - Monotheist

24-7 Spyz - Face the Day

TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain

Fishbone - Still Stuck in Your Throat

Monday, December 11, 2006

I picked up my Senses Fail prints from the lab and published one in my Music II portfolio...they came out killer

All the guys in the band were super cool. I only had about 10 minutes to shoot them, but that was plenty

I'll add a few more shots tomorrow


Wednesday, November 22, 2006


My Celtic Frost interview has been published on-line have a look when you get a minute...

I just got confirmation, I'll be shooting Senses Fail and Bleeding Through on the 28th...then on the 2nd I'll be shooting one of the illest bass players on the planet...

I'll have another portfolio up next week. I'm going through some of my older photos and I've found some cool ones that have never been published. I think you're going to dig em'

This is a lil creepy...WTF!?! ok I know my name is not the most different but c'mon now...another excellent photographer (not as good as me) with the same name. I may have to add my middle initial to my work...

"Scott Lee Stewart Photography" has a nice ring to it..maybe "Scotty Lee Photography" nah that's weak...actually "Scott L Stewart Photography" hmmm nah

Have a Great Holiday!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I published a few Celtic Frost photos in my first portfolio...

For those asking, no you can't use any of my images for your fan sites

DJ Rap has a new album out. I never buy anything from iTunes, but I caved and spent the $10.00...well worth it...She's soooo hot, aesthetics aside the album is very good, and if you're reading this...

I would love to shoot with you!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I'm getting ready to watch that flick "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", but before I do I thought I would check in and give you an update...

I shot Celtic Frost the other night, the band sounded and looked killer, big ups to there road manager Wolfgang...A road manager who actually gives a shit about the band and not hunting down groupies and drugs...

My plan was to shoot the band with there fresh makeup and gear just before they went on stage, but it was raining out and that put the kabash on candid photos, so I had to settle for live shots. I was going to shoot them on there last North American date tonight, but it's a 2 and 1/2 hour drive from my crib to the venue and I'm so not into that...

I interviewed Martin Ain (Frost bass player and co-founding member) for a 400 word piece I'm writing on the band. I was slightly skeptical going into the interview. More like shitting my pants before the interview. I don't generally interview bands, I'm there to take photos not shove a mic in there face and ask boring and inane questions that they've already heard a thousand times before. I can already see him rolling his eyes and politely answering my silly question about his influences.

I wanted my interview to be different...before the interview I was neurotic, I kept repeating over and over in my head *obsessively* "What the fuck am I going to ask this guy, what are we going to talk about?!?"

What if he gives me one word answers and I don't understand a word he's saying (they are from Switzerland) When I got the call from Wolfgang saying he was ready to talk I almost blew it off. I'm glad I didn't, Martin turned out to be hella cool. I fired my first question at him and v'iola he was talking his ass off. Ain is a very articulate, captivating and intelligent cat with an eclectic view on things...

I'll put a link up to the article when it's been published...

I'll have photos up from the gig later in the week...

I'm also going to be adding another portfolio to the site for all of you asking for more photos...

Be Well

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The best band on the planet has a new album out...

Fishbone has a new studio record out it's called "Still Stuck in your Throat" it's not actually available here in the states yet, so if you're a huge fan of the band like me ya' gotta order it from here and pay a lil extra dough to get it to your doorstep (it's approx $18.98 us currency, that's with shipping and handling ya da ya da)

I'm listening to the album for the 1st time right now. I'm on the 5th track "We Just Lose our Minds", it clocks in at 9:42. The chorus, bridge and horns are amazing, sounds like vintage Fishbone in there prime...

"Behind Closed Doors" is another standout track, infectious horn line, killer hook and Dre does some toast'n at the end of the tune, f**k'n awesome! If radio had a clue they would start playing this tune (they don't and won't)

The 3rd generation lineup of Fishbone is bringing it!!

Let me digest this album some more, then I'll do a proper review on it...

I'm hoping when they get back to the states in Dec they start booking some NY shows.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I watched a brilliant movie last night I know I'm not alone. I highly endorse this movie...also picked up the new ISIS album yesterday, I've got most of there earlier work, and I dig it. I would love to shoot the band at some point.

On deck I'm shooting The Gym Class Heroes on Monday and then on the 7th "I can't fucking wait to see Celtic Frost"

I've been a huge fan for ages. The last time I saw the band was 1985 with Voi Vod. I remember vividly picking up Morbid Tales, getting it home unwrapping the vinyl and from the moment the needle hit the record being completely blown away.

The artwork was amazing, photos were cool, lyrics cryptic. I pounded that album in my skull, played it non-stop everywhere. I made copies on cassette for all my buds, most of them didn't get it. Fuck em, I left them to there Led Zeppelin and proceeded to master my Tom Warrior *death grunt*

The band fell off a little in the late 80's early 90's, started dressing like Cinderella and using cans of Aquanet (there forgiven for that) the newest album is a return to form...

Nov 8th is my B-Day, I'll probably be sleeping most of the day away recovering from the Celtic Frost gig...


Saturday, October 28, 2006

I put up a few shots that I really dig from my Del shoot, you can find them in my 1st Music portfolio.

I'm not sure which Del photos will be published in the story, I usually don't find out until I see it in print, then I bitch about the shot they've used lol...

I'm debating on shooting AFI tonight, might skip it and go to this Halloween party I've been invited to instead we'll see, actually I'm supposed to shoot Black Label Society on Sunday, not sure I'm in the mood for that either...


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I got my shots back from the Flogging Molly show last week, they came out killer (of course) The City is using one of my "Dennis Casey" shots in my buds column.

I shot Del last night for a story me and my homie are doing...Del was staying at a nice swanky hotel, it had this killer Vegas style water fall out front, so I blasted off a few rolls of film there and inside the hotel lobby, the restaraunt was very uppity...think, lots of marble, classical music over the sound system and everything on the menu is $50.00 and up, the thing that caught my eye was the baby grande piano, perfect photo prop. I convinced Del, who didn't want to disturb the people eating to sit at the piano and play a lil' bit while I took a few shots, can't wait to see how they came out...

Just found some cool Casualties photos I'm going to publish...

Got an advance of the new Deftones album for a review that I'm writing, haven't had time to absorb it completely, has this band ever put out a bad album? nope never have...I'll put up a link to the review when it's been published, go to there myspace page, there streaming the whole album until the 27th...


Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I just wanted to say what up before I step out and shoot Flogging Molly and Bedouin Soundclash tonight...haven't seen FM play in a year or two should be a lot of fun, they always put on a great show...

I shot xiu xiu last night...had a blast...


Saturday, October 14, 2006

The new site has been up for about a month now, I really dig it!

Livebooks rules!

In the coming months I'll be adding more portfolios and images from my stock photos, some new and some old images that have never been published before.

I'm going to try and update this page more frequently now that I've added it back to the site, I'll give you a heads up on what I'm listening to, what and who I'm shooting and just general shit talking, you know how I roll...

Tv on the Radio's new album "Return to Cookie Mountain" is brilliant, go cop it...


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I've put up a few limited edition t-shirts

Ya know I take photos of musicians because I love music *sidenote: I'm a musician myself...drummer

I also love photography...many different facets of the medium intrigue me not just photos of musicians and pop icons...I don't do this because I make a shit load of money, actually it's very very difficult to make a living at this unless your Ross Halfin or Danny Clinch

Sometimes taking photos of bands is more a chore than anything else, but the reward for all of the hard work is when you get that shot...

So dig this, I was talking with a bud of mine about how killer the Heavy Trash album is and how many hot model chicks he's been shooting lately ya da ya da and the topic of Aerosmith and Motley Poo came up, there going to be in the area again and he's put in a request to shoot them.

This had me scratching my head, hmmm this might be cool.

I'm sure there's going to be a boat load of super hot chicks there...These cheesy hair rock bands always pull a lot of ass. I've never gotten seems like the more gay and devoid of soul the music is...the hotter the chicks are *shrugs*

Are they still relevant?

Yea, I guess there's still a Camaro driving, genny drinking, mullet wearing, fringe jacket having crowd that is still trapped in the 80's and listens to this crap...

I've never been a big fan of either band. I would always get hassled in high school because I didn't listen to this s**t and listened to the Cure, the Bad Brains and Fishbone...

So I asked my bud "Where are they playing?" Darien Lake in Sept...

DARIEN LAKE HAS THEEE ABSOLUTE WORST F'ING STAGE I'VE EVER SEEN!!...No shit, it's 10ft to 15ft in the air *literally* and you CANNOT get a good shot! well I guess there may be a way if you follow these steps

A. pray the the musician comes to the very front of the stage where your standing so you can attempt a shot
B. you've brought a ladder or stilts in your camera bag
C. you pay one of the security apes a large sum of money to hoist you up on there shoulders for three songs...

Are you kidding me!?!? What a F'ing joke!!!!

btw you have an escort telling you how to do your job, I'm a grown ass man...I DO NOT NEED A F'ING BABYSITTER...

Looks like I'll be taking a pass on the Aerosmith, Motley Poo show...*shrugs* Oh well

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm working on concepts for my new site...I so hate my existing web site, it was cool like 6 years I can't even look at it...

I can tell you the new site will be done in Flash, there may be some html incorporated in the design as well I haven't finalized everything yet...of course it's going to look hella cool...the design will be very simplistic, a few portfolios, contact info and my blog that's it...I'm putting away all of my older stock photos

Looking to get the new site up and running by mid Sept at the very latest...

R.I.P. to one of the greats - I had a chance to shoot Maynard Ferguson a few years ago and he was one of the coolest most down to earth cats, put on a hell of a show to...

I'm shooting Jon Spencer's killer new project Heavy Trash on Saturday...


Friday, August 11, 2006

This band is brilliant!

Cassandra Ford has such an amazing voice and stage presence. I would love to shoot with her...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Holy Shite this movie looks in-frick'n-credible


jeremy piven
ray liota
ryan reynolds
ben affleck
alicia keyes

lots of other people we love in movies
fast editing
punchy dialogue
cute namecards
dark humor
tits n ass
sign me up
get me some popcorn, gummy bears & a cream soda & I'm there MFer's

Monday, August 07, 2006

Ok confession time...I've got a bit of a krush on Joan Jett, actually I've had one ever since I saw the "I Love Rock N' Roll" video in the early 80's...

I had a chance to catch her live for the 1st time last week at the Warped tour and she was a'frickin'mazing! sidenote: she let the photographers shoot the whole set, VERY COOL! because we usually only get the 1st three songs unless you've got permission to shoot more

Classic tunes with hooks for days...Leather pants, Jet black hair and a Bikini top, doesn't get any better than that

A few weeks before seeing her I blew the dust off my old JJ records, some of which I hadn't played in 15 years...ahhh the memories

The only drag...she only got as did all of the bands on Warped a 30 minute set...waaaay to short...I tell ya what though, by the time she got to the last tune of her set the crowd was putty in her hands...fists in the air singing along to every word....easily the highlight of the Warped tour for me...

Helmet was also very cool Page is one of the nicest cats you could ever meet...the set consisted of mostly songs off Meantime and Betty, the new material also went over well...

It was good to see Angelo Moore aka Dr Maddvibe he had his own tent set up and was doing poetry and causing mayhem. I passed him some older 8x10 prints that I took the last time I saw Fishbone play (I think that was 2002)...Angelo's new interactive comic book/cd is hella cool, cop it if you have some extra loot.

Man it was wicked hot, over 100 degrees...the music was non-stop, water was $4.00 a bottle (outrageous, price gauging nazis!)

Saw Arturo Vega (the guy who designed all the cool Ramones artwork) he had a tent set up selling Ramones swag...

I shot a boatload of bands, LTJ Less Than Jake, The Casualties *there using one of my photos in there new album digipak*, Helmet, Joan Jett, AFI *there singer uses more makeup than my wife*, Everytime I Die, Billy Talent, NOFX...I know I'm missing a few.

I've got over 400 prints to scroll through. I'll have some new stuff up shortly.

I'm shooting Bullet for My Valentine on 8/15 in Buffalo...

I've got a few really cool concepts for the shoot in my head and if they come out it'll be really saaaweet.

Have you been watching Henry Rollins on IFC? One of the best shows on the tube check it out if you haven't...

1st five tunes on my iPod:

J*Davey - Division of Joy

Protest the Hero - Heretics and Killers

The Ramones - Sheena is a Punk Rocker

Jeff Buckley - Mystery White Boy (live)

The Vincent Black Shadow - Fear's in the Water

Monday, July 31, 2006


I'll have some photos up from the Ozzfest later in the week.

My SOAD shots came out killer...

Right now I've got to run out to the store and get some film (yes film!!!) and finish packing up my gear for tomorrow.

I'm shooting the Warped tour at Darien Lake, looking forward to seeing Helmet, Dr. Maddvibe and Bullet for My Valentine...


Friday, July 28, 2006

Everyone who has e-mailed me about the guestbook not working thanks a lot. I'll have it fixed soon...

Shot the Ozzfest tonight...I'm exhausted but I'll check in this weekend and give you the skinny on the show.

Good Night
*snoring* Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I copped the new Helmet album on Tuesday, I've been a HUGE fan of there's for the longest time...Meantime is the shit...that album still sounds just as killer now as it did back in the early 90's

I'm shooting them on the 1st...stoked for that

Monochrome is there best album since Betty...this record has a great vibe to it, actually it sounds reminiscent *without duplicating* the bands earlier work on "Born Annoying" and "Meantime"

I was just checking out my schedule for the rest of the month, might shoot Rock City Morgue later tonight, Sean Yseult formerly of White Zombie plays with this band...on the 24th I'm shooting Fatlip and on the 1st I'm covering the Warped tour...the lineup is bananas...

So far on the 1st I've set up shoots with w/Angelo Moore aka Dr. Maddvibe, Bullet for My Valentine, The Sounds love this band!, The Casualties and The Bouncing Souls it's going to be a craaaaaazy day, should be a lot of fun...

Monday, July 17, 2006


It's wicked hot here in upstate NY...thank god for AC and Mountain Dew

I put up a few Busta b&w's. I'm going to add some color shots to the gallery as well...

Also published a new Manntis gallery. They were having a REALLY good time in these photos :^)

Check out there site they have mp3's and a few videos you can band

Finally caught the JC flick "Walk the Line" last night, wow...he was THAT dude

Did you catch Entourage last night?

So is Vinny hosed or what? 12.5 million and ya' blow it, principals my ass!! Brokeback-MF'ing-Aquaman!!

How lucky is E getting to do a threesome with his squeeze? I hate that guy ;)

I'm thinking this Dana chick is going to be the rival agent to Ari and make things very interesting...

One of my faves

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Man, I need an agent NOW...I dig the whole freelance thing, it's got some plus sides but there are also times when it's an absolute pain...

I got an e-mail earlier from sideonedummy looks like they're going to use one of my photos for the new Casualties

It's funny cause I was just thinking about this band...I was looking at the line-up for this years Warped tour and it's stellar, looking forward to shooting that...

I think I'm going to cover the Family Values tour as well, actually I could give a s**t about most of the bands on that bill with the exclusion of the Deftones, I've seen them a myriad of times but never gotten proper photos of them...

Got my Busta photos back today, they look good I'll try and publish a few later tonight...

Monday, July 10, 2006

I shot Busta Rhymes on Saturday at the Music Fest...I'll publish photos from that later this week...

Ya know, I don't get parents who bring there 7 and 8 year old kids to a Busta show, actually looking around some of the kids could have been younger than that, well at least the one who got lost and the parents were asked to pick her up at the side of the stage *she couldn't have been any older than 5*

It was appalling watching the kids singing along to some of his new tracks word for word all of them clearly with no understanding of the word Misogyny...I'm all about exposing your kids to music and culture however there should be limits to what they are listening to at certain ages...

When I was 10 and bought my 1st album *with my own money*. I remember vividly bringing that record home and my mom seeing the cover and her saying verbatim "Hold on a second, lets just give that a listen together" she shared in the experience, mom didn't dig there look at all, but she thought the music was hella cool...

I was going to shoot She Wants Revenge in Buffalo tonight, but I'm going to pass and cover the Buzzcocks on Wed instead...

Be Well

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I never had the opportunity to meet this cat, but I've admired his work and ability as a photographer. He had a great eye, and his images made me want to step up my game...

Mpozi Mshale Tolbert, Photographer, DJ artist has died in Indianapolis at the age of 34.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

I'm currently at home contimplating the meaning of life...

Actually I'm debating on shooting Mastodon and Lamb of God tonight, *shrugs* not really in the mood, and it's not like I'm getting paid to shoot them I'd just be doing it for fun so I think I'm going to skip it and catch dinner and a movie instead...

I'll be shooting Dope on Wed the 5th...

I found some cool Sonny Rollins shots I took a few years back, I'll try and publish a few this weekend...

Be Safe

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I published a boat load of new photos from my Suicide City shoot on Friday...

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Local zine ran one of my Inherence photo's this month *b&w band photo*

Got to the Suicide City shoot last night, band wasn't ready..hung around for 3 hours while they put on makeup, finally got to it at 11:30..the shots came out amazing of course...the band is a lot of fun and down for anything, they gave me all the time I needed with no drama...

Handed Billy a few 8x10's from there last shoot, he dug em' of course...Billy's one of the coolest cats

I need more coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I've gotten a few e-mails asking what kind of gear I use...I've talked about this before in other blogs and will bore you with that later *don't feel like talking about it now, but we'll cover the basics*

Finally got some new images up for you to check out...

This cat is one of the theee nicest guys you could ever meet, also one of the illest Hammond B3 players EVER!

Here's a few shots from The BellRays show last week.

There new slab of wax gets my vote for Rock album of the year...

Published a new Mindless Self Indulgence gallery on the site.

I'm not that stoked with these shots, a few of them came out cool *the one where Jimmy knocked over the bass player and she's laying on the floor is tight*...anyway I had this jerk off in the pit with me shooting digital and he had a HUGE flash on his EOS 1D overexposing some of my shots (that's what Photoshop is for though huh?) I used Illford that night as well and I can never get a decent shot with that stuff *shrugs*

I'm shooting Suicide City at the Montage this Friday...this building is hella cool, it has an old theatre in the back with a myriad of balcony seats, esbestos and shit falling from the ceiling, it's got a very "Escape From New York" vibe to it (you remember that flick right?) there's also some cool dressings rooms in the building that they used back in the 50's, broken mirrors and a spooky industrial feel...should be a blast.

I'm Audi, but before I go let me introduce you to one of thee funkiest drummers on the planet...

Friday, June 16, 2006

I've been having a blast shooting all week...

I'll run through a list of stuff I've been doing next blog...

Go cop the new BellRays cd it's awesome!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I put up a few b&w photos from the She Wants Revenge shoot. I've got some color photos on deck that will get added to the gallery later...

Ok kids,

So you want some insight?

You want to be a wildly successful photographer, have your images seen in all of the coolest magazines by 100's of thousands of people?

Shoot all the killer bands?

Hang out and chat with your musical heroes between backdrop changes...

Make wedges of money?

Meet hot chicks *never happens lol*

Get flown 1st class all over the world and shoot in exotic locations...

Ya Da Ya Da Ya Da...

Well Uncle Scott is here to share a lil story with you. It's not all fun and games, on occasion you have to deal with assholes of gargantuan proportions, for example Jason Koransky *editor* of Downbeat

see e-mail below and start at the bottom and read your way up it's more effective that way, enjoy: Oh, and please feel free to send hate mail here --->

Subject: Re: Rochester International Jazz Fest 2006
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 23:24:35 -0400

LOL Pardon me? Did you even look at the pictures I sent you, or are you still harping on the Chick shot? Man you need to let it go.

And as far as hiring me again - get over yourself - you never hired me to begin with. The bottom line is this...I needed a photo pass and you got me one, 2 years in a row. Thanks for some great memories...Sucka!

So are we on for next year?

Just in case were not, go F**k yourself!


> From:
> Subject: Re: Rochester International Jazz Fest 2006
> Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 13:26:45 -0500
> To:
> Scott:
> Sorry to have not gotten back to you sooner. The photos were not good
> last year. I don't think that we can hire you to shoot again. I just
> don't trust that you can provide us a decent shot.
> -Jason
> On Jun 7, 2006, at 12:06 PM, Scott Stewart wrote:
> >
> >> Hello Jason,
> >>
> >> How are you (hope everything is going well)
> >>
> >> It sucks that we didn't vibe last year with that Chick Corea photo.
> >> however, I'm glad that Frank DeBlase was able to get his Chick photo
> >> published in the zine (he's a great cat)...and I'm sure he's living large off
> >> that $75.00 you paid him.
> >>
> >> Anyone covering the fest this year? Oh and btw I'm attaching a myriad of new
> >> photos I've taken, they kick ass.
> >>
> >> Peace
> >> Scott Stewart
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> cell: 585-802-7134
> >> office: 585-486-0395
> >> e-mail:

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

This is a little weird my Dad's B-Day was yesterday on 6.06.06 and he turned 66...Got em' a Frank Sinatra cd and my daugther made him this really groovy B-Day card (the kid is a prodigy)

I'm going to try and publish a few She Wants Revenge shots when I get home tonight...


Thursday, June 01, 2006

I just looked at my shooting schedule for June (this month is going to be craaaazy!)

Summer is in full-effect...F' yea!

I also want to try and get to this new X-Men movie over the weekend..I'm hearing great stuff about it, I've been a fan for-eva n' eva. I was the biggest comic book nerd when I was a kid, still am actually I just don't buy them half as much as I used to...

This VH1 Supergroup show is comedy. I just caught a preview and Evan was beating down "The Mouth" Sebastian Bach it looked like he spit on the dude *shaking head* un-real...who in the hell put this band together?...hil-freeging-larious

Thursday, May 25, 2006

What Up Party People!?!

I hope your doing well...

I've been looking through a lot of my abstract photos of travel, architecture and random craziness....MAN there is some really cool stuff I would love to get up on the site...

Last weeks shoot with She Wants Revenge actually I wouldn't even call it a shoot. Justin didn't feel well and wasn't into it at all...It's gotta be rough getting your photo taken and signing girls breasts all the time...anyway I got the b&w shots back from the lab and they look ok, they could have been a LOT better if both members of the band were cooperating. I'll put up a link to the story once it's been published.

I'm shooting Wycliffe Gordon tonight, actually I need to call this cat to make sure everythings set...

I'll check in later this weekend...


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Congrats to Michael O'Neal he won the Vernon Reid print "It's in the mail bro, ENJOY!"

To everyone who entered and didn't win, don't sweat it, you can always go to my merch page and BUY a print lolololol ya' cheap ass beeaaatchs!! or just hang tight cause when my new site is up and running I'll be giving away a 20g iPod with a cool Coop case (Scott Stewart Photography edition SUCKAS!!!) this thing will be packed with tons of my favorite albums and remix's...I'll have more on that later...

I'm doing a shoot this Friday with "She Wants Revenge" I'm stoked for that...there debut album is awesome, sounds a lot like the music of my youth...

Allright let me get back to the lab and finish these prints...Have a good week, I'll check in again soon...

Scott =)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ok, I've never done this on the site and since I'm such a hella cool guy lol...I thought this would be groovy.

*drum roll* So for the 1st time eva I'm giving away a gorgeous 16x20 b&w print of Vernon Reid (no digital mess!) printed from the negative in the lab on Professional Kodak paper...

No questions or cheesy q&a required just be the 10th person to e-mail me at and YOU WIN!!

For those of you who didn't know, let me just put this out there for ya' - The Sabres are winning the cup this year...


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I just found out about the Legendary Photographer William Gottlieb passing...

William Gottlieb, whose iconic photos of jazz legends such as Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong helped to define the image of jazz to music fans worldwide, died Sunday, April 23, at his home in Great Neck, N.Y., of a stroke. He was 89.
Gottlieb first used a camera in 1939 to illustrate his weekly jazz column ?Swing Sessions" in the Washington Post. He was paid for the writing, not the photography, and since the film, flash bulbs, and cameras (Speed Graphics and Rolleis) were bulky and expensive, he typically made only three or four exposures a session. He learned to shoot very carefully.

The photography paid off. It enhanced his column, later helped him become an Air Force photo officer in WWII, then clinched a job on DownBeat, where many of his images of the likes of Thelonious Monk and Dizzy Gillespie were first published. While at DownBeat, Gottlieb was an exceptional ?man on the street? reporter, letting the artists tell their stories through his articles such as his ?Posin?? column (after which today?s ?The Question? column in DownBeat is modeled).

Gottlieb left the jazz scene in 1948 to produce educational filmstrips, eventually as president of University Films/McGraw-Hill. He also wrote and illustrated 16 books, mostly for children. One of his Golden Books, ?Laddie The Superdog? sold more than 1 million copies.

Upon retiring from McGraw-Hill in 1979, Bill published his old jazz photos as The Golden Age of Jazz. The New York Times predicted that Gottlieb ?seems to be entering the golden age of William P. Gottlieb.?

His jazz images have since appeared on more than 350 record album and CD covers, on two dozen posters, and a like number of postcards and T-shirts. They have been in hundreds of books, magazines, calendars, TV documentaries, and even in major motion pictures as background atmosphere or used to re-create a historic site.

Meanwhile, exhibitions of the prints have appeared in more than 160 venues, from the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm to the Navio Museum in Osaka, Japan.

Some of Gottlieb?s photos, starting with Duke Ellington, were acquired by the National Portrait Gallery: and his images are the basis of four US Postage Stamps. In 1998, DownBeat presented Gottlieb with our annual Lifetime Achievement Award.

In 1995, the Library of Congress, using funds from the Ira & Leonore S. Gershwin Fund, purchased all 1,600-plus of Gottlieb's jazz images ?for posterity.?

To view Gottlieb?s collection on the Library of Congress web site, go to:

Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm listening to this new Prince album "3121"

Sunday, April 30, 2006

I was supposed to shoot Ghostface tonight in Buffalo for Verbicide...however that is not happening...I got a call from my homie yesterday, the dude who was going to write the story and he didn't get into any details, just said it's a "no-go"...I guess Ghostface doesn't need anymore press for his "Fishscale" album, it must be blowing up *shrugs* what-thee-fuck-eva

I'll be @ The Giraffes on Tuesday and I got some other cool s**t coming up...I'll give you the skinny on that later...

It's beautiful here in NY, I'm going out to enjoy the weather...


Friday, April 28, 2006

CANON 5D baby!!!! This camera is the shit!!!!

I'm debating on picking up new music...I'll probably get Nikka Costa's last album (not sure if I really want to spend loot on that though) copped the latest Murs & 9th Wonder album last week on my vinyl's a banger...

Been on a vinyl kick lately here's what I got last week for $40.00...

Echo & the Bunnymen - Crocodiles
Madness - Keep it Moving
Commodores - Caught In The Act
Prince - (some double live European album, the name escapes me @ the moment)
Bowie - David Live
Earth Wind & Fire - Gratitude
Duran Duran - Rio
Lee Morgan - The Gigolo
Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland (my brother borrowed this from me 15 years ago and I never got it back...that's ok though I've still got his Clash - London Calling album LOL)
Zap Mama - A Ma Zone
Wayne Shorter - Adam's Apple
James Brown - Ain't It Funky
Miles Davis - European Tour '56 With The Modern Jazz Quartet & Lester Young (this is some beautiful stuff, all of the cats in the band are on top of there game, just killing it)
EPMD - Unfinished Business
Bauhaus - The Sky's Gone Out
Mingus - Clown
Monk- Brilliant Corners

I still prefer vinyl over cd...

Tomorrow if I can find some time I'm going to try and get out to catch Suicide City...I want to give Billy some photos from our shoot a few months back...

My site is soooo in need of a new look...I'm sick of looking at it LOL

Have a good weekend, go take a picture of someone, something, somewhere...

Be Well
Scott =)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

We need to IMPEACH BUSH now dammit! How did YOU the American Voters **I don't vote! ESPECIALLY when I don't like either candidate** let this yard ape back into office for a 2nd term!?!?! Go vote here --->

Really quick update. I'm getting ready to go pick up some film (yes I still use film!) for tonights show...I'm shooting God Forbid and Arch Enemy...Angela (vocalist for AA) is wicked hot! Hopefully we'll have time to get together and take some candids...

Sunday I'm shooting Ghostface Killah and May 2nd I'll be taking snaps of The Giraffes...

I've got some really cool shit in the works to...I'll update the blog later with that...


Monday, April 17, 2006


I published a few shots from Jeru the Damaja...Have a look...

I've also got a few Dub Trio flicks I'm going to publish later tonight...

Last nights SOPRANOS was bananas! I so need to do a cameo on that show...

Allright I'm off to the record store...I've been on a vinyl kick lately, I scored some great jazz albums over the weekend...I'll post a list of what I copped later as well..


Monday, April 10, 2006


I shot Jeru the Damaja on Saturday night, he didn't start his set until 12:30 and by that time I was feeling lovely (Heinekins baby!) I got some great pics, I'll publish a few later this week...

The sunday night show w/Asobi Seksu got cancelled, there van broke down (bummed about that, I talked with there management and there going to re-schedule soon)

Wednesday I'm shooting Dub Trio...dig:


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

GO BUY THE NEW 24-7 SPYZ ALBUM NOW!! IT'S FUCKING AWESOME!!! No I'm not street team'n for those cats!

I want a new 60G iPod (black), if anyone from Apple is checking out my site hook me up! cause I'm not trying to pay $400.00 for that freeging thing...

I watched "Cinderella Man" man last night...kick ass movie...I'm gonna try and check out "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" later tonight if I can stay awake...

I shot Blackalicious, the Lifesavas & Pigeon John last Friday the 31st...I got to the show late so I missed the Savas and Fatlip's set (pissed about that) I heard Lip did a few Pharcyde tunes...

I saw Lip at the venue walking around looking like a zombie. He had that "28 Days Later" vibe working. Dude had a really bad limp or a cool walk I couldn't tell..he was rocking this raggedy hobo gear and looking like he hadn't showered in a month. C'mon now your not getting any residuals from the Pharcyde albums!?! Go cop some new gear duke and ease up on the blunts, it's not a good look...

Anyway, I knew my boy Jay was going to interview him later and I wasn't doing anything at this point in the evening except drinking beers and scoping out the honeys so I figured why not take a few snaps of Lip as well. I saw him at the merch stand while I was talking with Vurs and asked if he had some time later would he mind talking a few photos, he was like cool at least I think that's what he was mumbling...

Here's the breakdown: Jay wrapped up his 5 minute interview...Lip approached me I said "Ok lets get some shots over here by this graffiti on the wall" mind you this was the same place me and Pigeon John took photos earlier. Lip seemed ok with it at first, I couldn't really read him he was acting so fucking weird. I started getting funny vibes from him on the way over to where I wanted to shoot, like dude thought I was gonna beat his ass or something. He changed his mind and said "Nah dude I'm straight" *confused look on my face* ok, what theee fuck eva bro...I kept it moving...

I will say this Lip's new solo album is tight.

Had a chance to get together with Pigeon John and the Savas for some photo ops (they were all hella cool - always are) spoke with Vurs he was like "Damn bro, I wish you would have gotten to the venue earlier so we could have taken some photos for the next album"....We talked a little about me potentially doing some work for there next release, can't say much else about that right now...

Published new photos from the Lifesavas, Pigeon John, Cuong Vu and Manny Valera...have a look when you get a minute...

I'll be shooting Asobi Seksu (colloquial Japanese for playful sex) in Rochester on Sunday 4/09

Here's a link --->

Do a google and your bound to read about the "My Bloody Valentine" influence when critics write about the band, it's not unwarranted there sound does have elements of the mighty MBV in it of course, but I think there's a lot more to them than that, see for yourself, if they come to your neck of the woods go check em' out, or god forbid go out to a record store (yes there ARE still mom and pop record stores out there) and buy there new album...

I'll check in again later this week...


Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I was going to shoot the CULT tonight in Buffalo, but I don't feel like driving up there. I think I'm getting a cold it must be the day it's 50 and sunny and an hour later it's snowing and 15 degrees...

I got the photos back from the Manny Valera show last week they came out great! I'll publish some later...

Looking forward to the Doug E Fresh show on Thursday...

I'm pulling a LOT of my older stock photos off the site, and the new version although not finalized with me and my brilliant web designer yet, is going to have a more simplistic look...

Allright, going to take some meds and chill...


Sunday, March 19, 2006


I'm in the middle of making dinner Gnocchi and sauce (yum!) just wanted to give a quick holla...

I took some photos of Manny Valera last week (super nice guy!) it was great to see him play again, he was accompanied by a trio on these two dates...his newest album "Melancolia" is amazing! I'm going to be writing a review on it, I'll have a link up to that when it's done and a few of the photos from the can get to his site from my links page go check it out...there's some tunes up on his site for your ears and a link to buy his albums...

The latest local phenom "Teddy Geiger" is playing a SOLD OUT show tonight and all of the TRL girls are going to be of my good friends sent me an e-mail earlier asking if I was going to shoot the show...his daughter who is 6 would love a print of TG...the answer is: regretfully no...I won't be able to make it to the gig...

Making a mental note to myself to smack this guy next time I'm at his house for pops.

Of course if I was getting paid to cover the gig, I would be there with my camera bag in hand...It's ALL about the $$$$

This week I'm shooting Doug E. Fresh on 3/23 and on 3/31 I'll be snap'n shots of Blackalicious, the Lifesavas and Fatlip...

Ahh s**t my pasta is boiling over !^@$%# gotta jet....

SOPRANOS tonight people!!!

Ba Da Boom!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Did you catch the new episode of Sopranos tonight? Wow!! This season is going to be in-freeging-credible!

I've added a few photos to the Living Colour gallery...I'll also have some photos up from Cuong Vo, I did a shoot with him last week...If you don't know who Cuong is here's a link to his site ( this dude is taking s**t to another level with his trumpet playing...

This week I'll be shooting the brilliant piano player Manuel Valera (


Saturday, March 11, 2006


More new photos added...I just published a few shots from Bedouin Soundclash, I had a blast hanging out with these guys...they were super cool...

Here's a link to there site - They just got thru doing some work with Daryl (of the Bad-Soul Brains) check out the media section of there site...

I've dug up some more photos from the Living Colour show I shot in December of 05' - I'll add those this weekend...

Time to catch some zzzz's

Good Night!

Friday, March 10, 2006

I've finally dug out some of my "Orange Sky" photos from last year, the galleries been published on my site. Have a look...

Here's a link to the bands site it's updated fairly often and you can find media and other cool shit there...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I've added a few Soulive photos to the site...

R.I.P. Gordon Parks

Another one of my heroes has passed...I can't even begin to explain what a profound effect Mr. Parks had on me wanting to pick up a camera and not just from a still photographic standpoint, every facet of his life whether it be directing, composing music or writing poetry. He did it all with such style and compassion, I wish I could have met him and talked shop before he left us in this world.

He truly lived a full life.

Here's more:

Gordon Parks, a photographer, filmmaker and poet whose pioneering chronicles of the black experience in America made him a revered elder and a cultural icon, died yesterday at his home in New York. He was 93.

His nephew, Charles Parks of Lawrence, Kan., said Parks had cancer and had been in failing health since 1993.

Parks, the son of a dirt farmer, rose from meager beginnings and above recurrent discrimination to walk through doors previously closed to African Americans. He was the first black to work at Life magazine and Vogue, and the first to write, direct and score a Hollywood film, "The Learning Tree" (1969), which was based on a 1963 novel he wrote about his life as a farm boy in Kansas. He also was the director of the 1971 hit movie "Shaft," which opened the way for a host of other black-oriented films.

Elegant and aristocratic with a trademark bushy mustache, his work traversed a vast landscape from poverty and crime to luxury and high fashion. He was a high school dropout turned award-winning photographer who traveled the world, using his camera with deftness and defiance.

"I didn't set out to do all that I did," Parks told an interviewer. "I think there was always fear -- fear of not being educated. All the things I did were done because of the fear of failure."

He was born Gordon Roger Alexander Buchanan Parks on Nov. 30, 1912, in Fort Scott, Kan., the youngest of 15 children. His mother died when he was 16. He then lived with his sister in St. Paul, Minn., for a while before he struck out on his own. He left school and took on a number of jobs, including as a pianist with an all-white band and with the Civilian Conservation Corps.

While working on the Northern Pacific Railroad in the late 1930s, Parks picked up a magazine that had been left by a passenger and leafed through it. A photo spread of migrant workers and their living conditions taken by Carl Mydans, Dorothea Lange, Ben Shahn and others working for the Farm Security Administration captivated him.

One afternoon in the winter of 1937, during a stopover in Chicago, he saw newsreel footage taken by Norman Alley of the sinking of the USS Panay by Japanese forces. Parks compared Alley's documentary approach with the works of Farm Security Administration photographers and had an epiphany.

"Suddenly I became aware of all the things I could say through this medium," he once said. "I sat through another show, and even before I left the theater, I had made up my mind to become a professional photographer."

He paid $12.50 for his first camera, a Voigtlander Brilliant, at a pawnshop. His camera was "my weapon against poverty and racism," he said.

Soon he was photographing eye-catching young black women in fashion spreads for a St. Paul department store.

In 1942, he began working in Washington at the Farm Security Administration, the agency created to call attention to produce a historical record of social and cultural conditions across the country.

The discrimination that he experienced in the city left him raw. During this period, he took what became one of his signature photographs, a picture of Ella Watson, a cleaning woman who worked in the agency's building. He positioned Watson in front of an American flag, a broom in one hand and a mop in the other. He named the picture "American Gothic, Washington, D.C." The photograph captured his style of focusing on one particular person to illustrate a broad social theme.

"I never allowed the fact that I experienced bigotry and discrimination to step in the way of doing what I have to do," he once said. "I don't understand why other people let that destroy them."

Parks later went on to Life magazine, where from 1948 to 1968 he covered segregation, crime and other issues. His 1961 photograph of a poor Brazilian boy named Flavio da Silva brought in enough donations to help the family build a house.

St. Clair Bourne, who directed a 2000 HBO documentary on Parks's life, was a young photographer when he first met Parks while covering a civil rights march. He was one of many black filmmakers and photographers who respected Parks for his historical role.

"He educated white people about the black experience, and as an artist he used his skills to do that," Bourne said in a 2000 article in the New York Times. "Today, it would be harder: the lines, political and cultural, have hardened. But when Gordon came along, there was a great deal of ignorance about the real experience of black people."

A self-taught pianist, he composed Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1953) and Tree Symphony (1967). In 1989, he composed and choreographed "Martin," a ballet dedicated to civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

His autobiographies were "A Choice of Weapons" (1966), "To Smile in Autumn" (1979), and "Voices in the Mirror" (1990). His poetry anthologies include "A Poet and His Camera" (1968), "Arias of Silence" (1994) and "Glimpses Toward Infinity" (1996).

In 1998, Parks donated 227 pieces of his work to the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

He was married and divorced three times. Survivors include three children.

Freedom, Parks said, was the theme of all of his work: "Not allowing anyone to set boundaries, cutting loose the imagination and then making the new horizons."
I've added a new gallery for Prong and a few pics from my photo shoot with Eyes of Fire, actually it wasn't really a traditional photo shoot just some shots I took of the band after there gig...

The new 24-7 SPYZ cd "Face the Day" is getting a lot of iPod rotation with me. It's there 1st album in almost 10 years and I'm heavily endorsing it (go cop!) You can get to there site from my links page...

I'll update the blog again sometime this week with more photos and a cool project I have coming up...

A few people have asked for my rates...

A basic studio/on location shoot will run you $300.00 for 2 hours and $150.00 each additional hour...e-mail or call me and I can get into more detail...


Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I'm listening to Brian Eno as I type this blog, the man is a genius...If you haven't heard "Ambient1/Music for Airports" you must go pick it up NOW! your ears will love you for it.


I just got in from the Prong show...I'm not sure who promoted this gig, but whoever it was did a s**t job...I could get more into that but what's the point.

Prong sounded amazing, I haven't seen them since 93' when they opened for the Bad Brains...I hope this new lineup stays together, it would be cool to hear some studio material from them...It was good to see Tommy Victor & Co. still making noise. I'll have photos up from the gig shortly.

Eyes of Fire opened the live band I've seen in ages, and I go to a lot of shows, so ya know I'm not just blowing smoke. If they come through your town go check them out and you'll see what I'm ranting about. I got some photos with the band after there set, I'll have a link to the story and photos when it's been published. There new album "Prisons" was released a few weeks ago. Go pick it up "It's fucking brilliant!" You can get to there site from my links page. Shout out to Matt (your the shit bro!) Thanks for the free swag (I'm dig'n the "Eyes of Chaos" kicks!)

Before I go watch "Two for the Money" let me just say my daughter who just turned 3 is the most brilliant and gorgeous child on the planet...this kid is a prodigy. I've got a few photos I'm going to put up from her B-Day party.

The rest of the week I'm shooting, Trivium on the 22nd (today), Bedouin Soundclash on the 23rd and Napalm Death on the 25th...

On deck: Orange Sky and Soulive photos, if I have time I'll put a few up tomorrow...


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I put up a few photos from the "Suicide City" photo shoot...I had a such a blast doing that...

I'm beat, going to catch some zzzz's


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ok I lied, I added another new photo...I put up a shot from the Little Brother show...Tay and Big Pooh chill'n on the bus...

R.I.P Dilla

You were one of the illest ever, and will be missed...

Friday, February 10, 2006

Ok ok ok...quit your whining people! I've put up a few new Living Colour photos "enjoy"

You get no more new photos until V3.0 of my site is complete...

Unless of course there's a large sum of money involved...


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sup People,

Hope all is cool with everyone...I've been super busy...

I had a blast at Little Brother the other night in Buffalo (I'll have new LB pictures up when the new site is finished)

LB played the Icon, easily one of the worst venues I've ever seen/shot a show at...on the positive tip, LB rocked it and they were mad cool...Big ups to my homie jaythreeoh, we rolled up to the show and he did an ill interview with Tay & Big Pooh, you can peep his show on 89.7 WITR from 9 to 12, Mon thru Friday here's a link: *plug*

I did a promo shoot for a local hardcore band (Inherence) over the weekend...that was hella cool...I haven't done promo photos for a band in ages, I forgot what a blast it is.

In the next few months I'll be working with the following bands:

Saul Williams
G-Love and Special Sauce

I'm also working on something with Dilated Peoples, Defari and LB for later in March, I'll get more into that in my next blog...

I want to make some more time in my schedule for models doing portfolios, so if your into getting something together e-mail me and we'll work something out, if my schedule permits...

Sorry I haven't updated the galleries in so long, please be patient I have a ton of new photos that will be published when the new site is complete...


Monday, January 30, 2006


I got a few shows I'm covering this week on the 31st "The Giraffes" and on the 2nd I'll be at "Little Brother" and "Fort Minors" show in Buffalo...


Sunday, January 22, 2006


Really quick update...I went and shot an amazing f**king band last night, there live show blew me away (and I don't just say that about anybody)

Dig: "Suicide City" trust me your going to love this band, Killer songs, Great live show, Go support!

*side note* Billy Graziadei (formerly of Biohazard) is one of the coolest most down to earth cats on the planet, it was a pleasure taking there photos, not like some egomaniacs I've taken photos of *thanks for the free swag and convo bro (potty party!) your the shit*

More info here: (copy paste into your browser or go to my links page)

I'll post an update soon with the scoop on new photos, my projects for 2006 and site re-design...