Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I'm listening to Brian Eno as I type this blog, the man is a genius...If you haven't heard "Ambient1/Music for Airports" you must go pick it up NOW! your ears will love you for it.


I just got in from the Prong show...I'm not sure who promoted this gig, but whoever it was did a s**t job...I could get more into that but what's the point.

Prong sounded amazing, I haven't seen them since 93' when they opened for the Bad Brains...I hope this new lineup stays together, it would be cool to hear some studio material from them...It was good to see Tommy Victor & Co. still making noise. I'll have photos up from the gig shortly.

Eyes of Fire opened the live band I've seen in ages, and I go to a lot of shows, so ya know I'm not just blowing smoke. If they come through your town go check them out and you'll see what I'm ranting about. I got some photos with the band after there set, I'll have a link to the story and photos when it's been published. There new album "Prisons" was released a few weeks ago. Go pick it up "It's fucking brilliant!" You can get to there site from my links page. Shout out to Matt (your the shit bro!) Thanks for the free swag (I'm dig'n the "Eyes of Chaos" kicks!)

Before I go watch "Two for the Money" let me just say my daughter who just turned 3 is the most brilliant and gorgeous child on the planet...this kid is a prodigy. I've got a few photos I'm going to put up from her B-Day party.

The rest of the week I'm shooting, Trivium on the 22nd (today), Bedouin Soundclash on the 23rd and Napalm Death on the 25th...

On deck: Orange Sky and Soulive photos, if I have time I'll put a few up tomorrow...