Sunday, December 04, 2005

It's super cold here in Rochester, NY (yuk)

I had a blast @ Living Colour the other night, I hadn't seen them play since 93' when Bad Brains (minus HR and Earl) opened for them in a University Gymnasium *that was one of the worst sounding concerts I've ever heard, the acoustics were hellacious*

The band looked and sounded great, they played @ lot of tunes off there 1988 album Vivid my fave of the evening "Glamour Boys"

I brought a great print *16X20* to the show that I took of Vernon a few years ago, the only drag was not getting a chance to hang with him after the bands set (the Vodka Red Bulls were calling me lol!)...If you've ever had the chance to bend Vernon's ear then ya know he's a really cool, funny & intelligent cat. I saw him play last year and later on in the evening after the band finished we talked music, art and movies for damn near 3 hours...anyway I had to pass my print off to the roadcrew which made me a lil uneasy, but the cats who work for LC are cool, so it was relatively painless...

Soulive went on @ 11:30 and sounded amazing!

The show was great I shot a few rolls of film and on the way home got lost in Buffalo for an hour...what a nightmare City to drive around in, especially if you don't have a map and hate asking for directions...

I'm shooting Soulive again this week along with theNEWDEAL & Corrosion of Conformity

I'll have new photos up this week...

This sucks I don't think in the 2 years of my blog being up I've had to do this...

I lost a friend yesterday evening in a fatal car crash.

He was one of the good guys, a Sheriff here in Upstate NY.

I want to extend prayers and blessings to friends and family.

Rest in Peace Galen Herren