Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Here are a few pix from my Automatic Loveletter shoot. Juliet is an absolute sweetheart, even though she made me wait 4eva' while getting hair n' makeup done!

sidenote: She also gets bonus cool points for rocking the kick ass Pink Floyd shirt!

I'll post up more images from the shoot once the features been published.

I've been playing the new Foreign Exchange, "Anxiety" constantly since picking it up, great follow up to "Leave it All Beyond"

Also listening to Phantogram "Eyelid Movies". Down "Diary of a Mad Band" 2 cd full concert, live from Europe, and bonus DVD packed with 130 minutes of footage! The Cramps, "Bad Music for Bad People" and Automatic Lovetter ,"Truth or Dare" great band.

Shooting Michael Franti and Spearhead next Monday on my Birthday, god I'm old. I still really dig the debut album from Spearhead "Home". Before SH, Franti had a project called Disposable Heroes of HipHoprisy, classic 90's hip-hop. I remember wearing out my cassette, playing "Television, the Drug of the Nation" over n' over...

Thinking about shooting John Legend that same week, his new album with The Legendary Roots crue "Wake Up" is bananas, 60's soul covers, and it's available on vinyl, tis' a beautiful thing...