Sunday, May 01, 2005

What's Happening,

I'm jus chilln' put up a few new Sam Kininger photos...

Caught that movie "Man on Fire" last night - Wow! It was absolutely amazing (Denzel is the man - he can do anything) I keep saying they should make a movie of John Coltrane's life story and get Denzel to play the lead (how awesome would that be?)

I'm shooting the Reverend Horton Heat, The Supersuckers & Murphy's Law tomorrow night (what a freeging line-up huh?) should be a blast...the Rev always plays a great show...

Ok, I'm going to get outside and enjoy some of this warm weather...I'll update the site later this week with some more news and photos from The Rev show and the Trashcan Sinatra's show last week (what a great band - my 1st time seeing them live and they blew me away)

Stay Well