Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Here's a link to the Chuck D (Public Enemy) feature on Okayplayer. Words by my homie jaythreeoh and a few pix by yours truly.

The most iconic jazz photographer of all time, Herman Leonard passed away on 8/14/10. His body of work is absolutely mind blowing. He was the one photographer who had the most profound effect on me and inspired me to pick up a camera. I had a chance to meet him a number of years ago and he was truly one of the sweetest, most humble guys...R.I.P

I've got a lot of editing to do in the next few weeks, been a busy summer.

Below are some images I shot with my EOS I, an 85mm and a few rolls of illford film. I still love to shoot with it...I have to re-think everything when using it, lots of fun.

Chuck D a few weeks ago, Christian McBride a few years ago...2005'ish - WUV from P.O.D late 99-2000'ish it was the 2nd Sno-Core tour with Primus on the bill - The Knux a few years ago @ RIT, 2007'ish - The Bellrays, 2006 and Raul Midon, 2005'ish.