Thursday, March 25, 2010

R.I.P. Jim Marshall, one of the most gifted and brilliant photographers...ever...

My introduction to Marshalls work started with a few images of my heroes.

The first being John Coltrane, this particular photo was taken @ Trane's home, he appeared to be very deep in thought.

The access and comfort level Jim had with his subjects was so key in him obtaining a lot of his pictures. I think first and foremost he established a friendship with a lot of the musicians and artists he shot over the years, and he shot everybody.

The second set of images consisted of a series on Miles Davis. He did a lot work with him throughout his career, but the ones that really blew me away were taken in the gym, Miles working out, boxing...there's one of him on the ropes, and Miles has this intense look on his face...classic

The "money" shot for me was one he took of Jimi Hendrix during rehearsal, one hand on the fret board and the other raised in the air, jaw dropping!

If your not hip to him, do a google search, or hit your local book store and ask to see some of his work. Chances are you've already seen a good deal of his images and didn't even know it was Jim Marshall's photography you were looking at.

Shot one of my favorite rock bands on the planet yesterday...

Earl Greyhound

You so need to cop the bands newest album "Suspicious Package" also check out "Soft Targets"

The band: Kamara Thomas (She's Phil Lynott "Thin Lizzy" reincarnated as a hot ass chick), Matt Whyte and Ricc Sheridan (his bass drum is the size of my car) are absolute sweethearts.

I had a blast, I do wish the live set was longer and they didn't open up for the horrid Coheed & Cambria.

Here are some pics from the shoot...