Thursday, July 22, 2010

My new site design was sent live today, I dig it. I've got a few minor modifications I want to make, starting with the light blue logo.

Here's a link to my Christian Scott feature click me you can also see more photos from our shoot below...also added a portfolio to my site here.

Watched the movie 2012 tonight with John Cusack (I'm a big Cusack fan) and Amanda Peet (she's hot) the movie was rubbish...I want my 2 plus hours back...

Shot Ringo Starr yesterday, for the love of god, that dude bores me to tears.

Covered the Vans Warped Tour last week. The Dillinger Escape Plan and The Exposed were standouts. I also dug this new band Kelsey and the Chaos, photos of them below, check out the bumper sticker on the bus, top left corner on the glass, it's priceless. They were such a blast to shoot, smiles and smoochs the whole time. They write hella catchy pop punk (note: the good shit) check em' out if you're not hip to them. Bummed I missed Face to Face, I'm glad they re-formed, hopefully we'll get a new album and tour out of em'. Ran into Angelo Moore (Fishbone) on my way out, chatted a bit. It was good to see him, missed his set that day also, (wtf!)

On deck, The Flaming Lips, The Black Keys, Anthony Hamilton, Flyleaf, Social Distortion, Public Enemy (so stoked for this!) Willie Nelson, Kiss, and Devildriver...I know I'm missing some...August is crazy...