Monday, June 18, 2007

I was @ the RIJF on Friday and my plan was initially going to be a shoot with Don Byron @ The Kilbourn Hall, the lighting in this place is does have a lot of character, gorgeous natural woods and beautiful architecture...Don had a few media folks taking up his time so that put the kabash on my shoot...Lame!

Maceo Parker didn't happen, his people don't return e-mails.

I kept it moving and caught Omar Sosa's 10:00pm set @ the Max, nice vibe in the restaurant. I could do without the pseudo-intellectual trendy people and over priced drinks, food...Sosa rocked it!! I had some time booked with him on Saturday to shoot @ the Hotel...that didn't happen...I never got in until 3:30 Saturday morning and I was sooo NOT in the mood to shoot @ 12:30 in the afternoon...I'll catch him next time...I did run into Toots at the Crowne Plaza for the after hour party, he looked great, I took a few shots of him chilling outside the hotel...

I've got a bunch of prints to go through, I'll post some new pics up when I get a minute...I did throw up one pic of Toots hanging out...check the Music II portfolio