Saturday, February 03, 2007

What Up Muhfuckas!!

Shot Lupe Fiasco last night, the show was a'ight, he's a young cat and puts on an ok live show...he'll get better as he gets older...Opener Rahzel should NOT of had a full set, he went on waaaay to long...

Had my shoot for *can't tell you the magazine yet, until the images are published* basically it went down like this...Lowrider (bike), Cutie (Nikkie "You're sooo f**k'n funny!!" -- "It's really f**king cold in here!!" Mangus, you are a total sweetheart, thank you for being so hella cool, I had a blast!)

Big ups also to Danny and Scott @ Skyehigh for the use of your store and lowrider, you cats are the shit!

I'm shooting Russell Malone this Friday and Saturday (stoked for that!)

Getting ready to bounce out for dinner and a safe

peace & blessings

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I got to the Thursday gig late last night, still ended up having an hour of downtime before the shoot, so I got my drink on...ran into a few of my buds I have'nt seen in ages, we chatted about music and chicks...boring

The band is super laid back...really nice guys...I had two minutes *literally* to shoot them before they went on stage...

I didn't have a chance to catch up with Murder By Death, may re-schedule and shoot the band in a month or two when they open up for the Reverend Horton Heat...

Shooting Lupe Fiasco and Rahzel tomorrow night...

Monday, January 29, 2007

Had a killer weekend, went and shot an indie band in Canada on Saturday (had a blast!) - I'll put a link up to the photos when I get them back from the lab.

Pushed my Model, Lowrider shoot off until this coming Saturday.

I'll be shooting Thursday and Murder By Death on Wed and Lupe Fiasco on Friday of this week.

Also adding a sales page to the site for limited edition prints, should have that up in a few days.

I got a nice e-mail from the Guitar player with Flogging Molly - Dennis Casey

I must say he has excellent taste...

Hi Scott,

I wanted to take a second and tell you how great of a photographer I think you are. I got a copy of the photo you took of me and it had your web site on the bottom, so I checked it out. Great stuff.

Do you work out of Rochester?

Well I just wanted to drop you an email and let you know I really like your work.

Maybe we can work together again.

Dennis Casey