Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The last time I attended a reggae show was Buju Banton a few years back, no wait it was actually Toots and the Maytals @ the 2007 Jazz Festival, that was good times...

Last weeks Capleton, Junior Reid gig was a drag. I got to the venue @ 9:30-10:00 o'clock, way to freeg'n early, I should have pre-gamed before heading out. Junior Reid didn't go on until 1:00am, in what universe does this happen? I've been to plenty of reggae/dancehall shows and this has never, eva' been the case, *shrugs* oh well.

So essentially Junior Reid got a 20 minute set and Capleton went on @ 1:30am giving the crowd 25 minutes...I think tickets were $35.00 to $40.00? I'm astonished people didn't riot...

I should have stayed @ the crib and made it a BlockBuster night, I had Control (the flick based on Ian Curtis - Joy Division vocalist) all ready to go in the DVD player.

The only thing that saved my evening from complete and total boredom was me and my homie j3o bag'n on the half naked broads, these chicks must own mirror's, yes? tragic...the drinks helped to.