Thursday, November 02, 2006

I watched a brilliant movie last night I know I'm not alone. I highly endorse this movie...also picked up the new ISIS album yesterday, I've got most of there earlier work, and I dig it. I would love to shoot the band at some point.

On deck I'm shooting The Gym Class Heroes on Monday and then on the 7th "I can't fucking wait to see Celtic Frost"

I've been a huge fan for ages. The last time I saw the band was 1985 with Voi Vod. I remember vividly picking up Morbid Tales, getting it home unwrapping the vinyl and from the moment the needle hit the record being completely blown away.

The artwork was amazing, photos were cool, lyrics cryptic. I pounded that album in my skull, played it non-stop everywhere. I made copies on cassette for all my buds, most of them didn't get it. Fuck em, I left them to there Led Zeppelin and proceeded to master my Tom Warrior *death grunt*

The band fell off a little in the late 80's early 90's, started dressing like Cinderella and using cans of Aquanet (there forgiven for that) the newest album is a return to form...

Nov 8th is my B-Day, I'll probably be sleeping most of the day away recovering from the Celtic Frost gig...


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