Monday, July 17, 2006


It's wicked hot here in upstate NY...thank god for AC and Mountain Dew

I put up a few Busta b&w's. I'm going to add some color shots to the gallery as well...

Also published a new Manntis gallery. They were having a REALLY good time in these photos :^)

Check out there site they have mp3's and a few videos you can band

Finally caught the JC flick "Walk the Line" last night, wow...he was THAT dude

Did you catch Entourage last night?

So is Vinny hosed or what? 12.5 million and ya' blow it, principals my ass!! Brokeback-MF'ing-Aquaman!!

How lucky is E getting to do a threesome with his squeeze? I hate that guy ;)

I'm thinking this Dana chick is going to be the rival agent to Ari and make things very interesting...

One of my faves

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