Monday, August 07, 2006

Ok confession time...I've got a bit of a krush on Joan Jett, actually I've had one ever since I saw the "I Love Rock N' Roll" video in the early 80's...

I had a chance to catch her live for the 1st time last week at the Warped tour and she was a'frickin'mazing! sidenote: she let the photographers shoot the whole set, VERY COOL! because we usually only get the 1st three songs unless you've got permission to shoot more

Classic tunes with hooks for days...Leather pants, Jet black hair and a Bikini top, doesn't get any better than that

A few weeks before seeing her I blew the dust off my old JJ records, some of which I hadn't played in 15 years...ahhh the memories

The only drag...she only got as did all of the bands on Warped a 30 minute set...waaaay to short...I tell ya what though, by the time she got to the last tune of her set the crowd was putty in her hands...fists in the air singing along to every word....easily the highlight of the Warped tour for me...

Helmet was also very cool Page is one of the nicest cats you could ever meet...the set consisted of mostly songs off Meantime and Betty, the new material also went over well...

It was good to see Angelo Moore aka Dr Maddvibe he had his own tent set up and was doing poetry and causing mayhem. I passed him some older 8x10 prints that I took the last time I saw Fishbone play (I think that was 2002)...Angelo's new interactive comic book/cd is hella cool, cop it if you have some extra loot.

Man it was wicked hot, over 100 degrees...the music was non-stop, water was $4.00 a bottle (outrageous, price gauging nazis!)

Saw Arturo Vega (the guy who designed all the cool Ramones artwork) he had a tent set up selling Ramones swag...

I shot a boatload of bands, LTJ Less Than Jake, The Casualties *there using one of my photos in there new album digipak*, Helmet, Joan Jett, AFI *there singer uses more makeup than my wife*, Everytime I Die, Billy Talent, NOFX...I know I'm missing a few.

I've got over 400 prints to scroll through. I'll have some new stuff up shortly.

I'm shooting Bullet for My Valentine on 8/15 in Buffalo...

I've got a few really cool concepts for the shoot in my head and if they come out it'll be really saaaweet.

Have you been watching Henry Rollins on IFC? One of the best shows on the tube check it out if you haven't...

1st five tunes on my iPod:

J*Davey - Division of Joy

Protest the Hero - Heretics and Killers

The Ramones - Sheena is a Punk Rocker

Jeff Buckley - Mystery White Boy (live)

The Vincent Black Shadow - Fear's in the Water

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