Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So dig this, friday night I went and shot Joan Jett @ Seneca Niagara Casino. I've never been to this venue, I was told the stage for this particular show was outside.

I drove to the show with my bud Joey Koch, we had a lil time to kill before Joan's set so we got our gamble on...I think Joe won a hundo' or maybe he lost...I wasn't paying attention...anyway we make our way outside to the VIP area, but before I can get to the front of the stage we're accosted by this yard ape who Joe tells me is the house photographer (I could care less) he informs us that we can only shoot the first three songs to which I reply "I got approved to shoot the whole set". The yard ape starts sweating and drooling throwing his hands in the air, frothing from his pie hole and screaming at the top his lungs "Who are you with!!??!!" "Who are you with!!??!!" he repeats this ad nauseum...Any minute I'm expecting animal control to show up and and tranquilize this baboon..."Who am I with?!?" "Who thee fuck are you!?!" "What an asshole!"

I pulled the paperwork out of my bag so I could rub it in his face.

Joe shows him, and I have to give Joey props for maintaining his cool, cause this clown is screaming at him and being quite rude...

I'd had enough at this point, I grabbed the paperwork put it in my bag and was getting ready to tell this guy to fuck off when he ran away on his cell phone calling upstairs to see if he could get some answers.

Hey douchebag!! *newsflash* They're the ones who told me I could shoot the whole set!

Joan was in-freeging-credible!! How old is she late 40's? She's still wicked hot, I've had a crush on her since I was a kid...

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