Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shot the mighty Sevendust.

I got 10 minutes with the band (not a lot of fucking time!) *fast forward* outside the bands dressing room 15 minutes before they take the stage I'm chill'n...waiting....looking @ my watch....waiting...waiting...finally Lajon steps out of the dressing room doing vocal exercises, warming up the pipes. The rest of the band showed up a few minutes later.

Lajon and I say Hi rap a lil' bit, then I say what up to Morgan...Everyone gets together, Lajon invites me into the bands prayer circle (ritual before taking stage) he spoke about our troops in Iraq (7dust just got back from Afghanistan/Iraq where they entertained the troops for two weeks) he also touched base on the importance of family. Actually, it was a very profound moving moment. I was stoked to be part of it...we knocked out a few frames then the band was off to destroy!

New pics in Music III (I've also got a few rolls of b&w film that I shot, they're @ the lab getting developed "That's right I still use film!")

Kudos to the bands tour manager Chris Vineyard, thanks for all the last minute hustle bro you're the shit!

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