Monday, October 17, 2005

Went and shot "The Bellrays" last night...they rocked my socks!

Got some great shots...the band was really cool and laid back, they let me shoot whatever I wanted to.

Lisa is a sweetheart, and hella sexy!

If your scratching your head going The Bellrays "who's that?"

Imagine, the charisma and attitude of Betty Davis (Miles ex-wife) got that? Now add a touch of Aretha Franklin's voice @ her peak in the 60's (before she started binging on Krispy Kreme's) and v'iola that's "Lisa Kekaula" vocalist for the Bellrays...

Now take that vivid image and throw in "The Stooges" as your band (get the picture?)

You really need to have your OWN opinion on this band don't waste time googling them and forming your thoughts around what somebody else thinks...

Just go to your favorite local indie store and pick up "Let it Blast", "Blind Fury" or "Red, White & Black" and turn up the stereo REALLY loud!


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