Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I published a new gallery from Shikandaza (read below for more on them)

Not since Hiroshima have we heard such a lovely blend of East meets West. Shikandaza, which means orchestra, consists of strings, flute, and percussion. "Shi" means strings in Japanese, while "kan" means flute, and "da" means percussion. In addition to this literal translation, the word also means "sincere effort to master the arts" in Zen Buddism. Traditional Japanese music doesn't always concern itself with rhythm... By teaming up with Vision Music President, keyboardist Ian Smith, Shikandaza has created a sort of Japanese Jazz. ON THE BRIDGE blends contemporary percussion, vocals and Hammond organ and keyboards with ancient Japanese instruments like the Shakuhachi (wind instrument played by Master Foozan Usui) and Koto (stringed instrument played by Yoka Nakayama and Miyako Kugai). This Asian fusion project makes for some really unique listening! The first track, "Bridge Over The Moon" is a wonderful example of just how artful this mixture of music is.

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