Friday, August 13, 2010

Me and my homie Jaythreeoh (slowflowshow) caught up with Chuck D this week. Jay chatted him up and I did my thing, snaps below. I'll post a link when the feature has been published.

Live, Public Enemy was killing. All the original cats, with the exception of Terminator X who retired from music in the 90's. My only issue, why the live band? You're not The Roots. If you're going to bring a live band, be sure they can wreck it. It looked and sounded like they just pulled these dudes off the wedding circuit. Tragic...The DJ was doing his job and well, no need.

Below are some live pix of Dream Theater. I've seen them a dozen times since the late 80's, but never shot them. Musically they're astounding, that's glaringly obvious. The thing is James Labrie (vocalist) has always annoyed me. Observation, give him the pink slip and do strictly instrumentals, that's the move.

Had a chance to shoot Sean Jones a few months back, he's a tremendous trumpet player. His new album "The Search Within" is stellar.

Dig, "Eyes Set to Kill" from the Warped Tour. At some point I'd love to shoot this band in a studio, that would be a blast...

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