Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Been super busy, got a lot of great shoots coming up in the next few months.

I dug out some older Joe Locke pics, posted em' below. I've been listening to a lot of Locke and Roy Ayers.

Yesterday I hung out with and shot "The Brooks Brothers" Like A Storm, super nice guys. I didn't plan on it, but also ended up taking some pics with Thomas the bands drummer, endorsement type shit for Sabian, Regal Tip & Pearl.

Go cop the bands album "The End of the Begining" it's absolutely amazing...and by cop I mean "buy it" don't be a punk and download it off the net...They've got a great look and sound, I can see them being huge...

My homie Sean Jefferson has launched his new site, the pictures he's using on the site look great, of course, they were taken by me. Not sure if I'm dig'n the sites design so much though...

Fishbone has a new live album out, they'll be on the road all of Feb and into March with the English Beat. I'm going to shoot them in NYC later in the month, they have a Documentary that will be out later this year as well, in it some of my photos are being used, I've seen some footage from the movie, it's brilliant.

The Insider, a local weekly periodical did a 20 Question feature on me.

Kate Melton did the photos @ my favorite Record Store (The Record Archive)

Getting my picture taken is usually such a drag, Kate made it fun, she was a blast and did a fantastic job...

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Tom Marcello said...

Hi Scott,

I like the photos of Joe!
Especially the smiling one.


Tom Marcello
manager / Joe Locke