Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I just shot the senior citizens in The Germs, ya know how conversation can be a chore with older folks? Very similar vibe with Don and Lorna.

*sidenote* Hired gun, actor-vocalist Shane West clearly does not fall into the old folks category...

Pat Smear was sooo not into getting his picture taken. He was cool, just has severe's worse than mine, and that's hard to fathom...

I had to keep screaming at him "Pat look @ me!!" Lorna would also give him a nudge and tell him to look my way...what a nightmare...

I intitally wanted to shoot them in the afternoon, the light was perfect, I found a few cools spots outside of the club, there was no rain and all the pseudo punk rawk sub-humans hadn't shown up yet.

Jerry, the bands tour manager had a different plan, he asked me to do it just before they go on stage. Brilliant. That's never a good idea, yes the band has there makeup on and hair in place, however you always get rushed and it's uncomfortable, which equates to you not doing your best work...

So, essentially here I am trying to shoot the band with a 150 drunk idiots surrounding them, camera phones out and albums they want signed tucked under there arms.

I was so vexxed @ this point. Where thee f*&k is Jerry the tour manager and other roadie for the the band!?!

HELLO!!! How about some crowd control!

Every frame I take has to be followed with "Hey moron! Get the fuck out of my shot!"...One idiot had the balls to stand directly in front of me with a shitty point and shoot taking pics, I almost dropped him like a bag of dirt...not fun

Anyway, I posted some new snaps of Pat Martino, Marcus Miller, Eric Alexander, Ryan Shaw and Terell Stafford on the site...

I've been listening to:

Suicide City - Frenzy

Mastodon - Crack the Skye

Street Sweeper Social Club - Selftitled

The Who - Odd & Sods

Shad K

Arkaea - Years in the Darkness

Westbound Train I dig it all...I'm a sucka' for ska

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