Sunday, December 18, 2005

I finished up my X-Mas shopping tonight...thank god!

I'm watching a PIXIES concert from this year, it was filmed at one of those HUGE festivals over in Europe.

Observations: It's filmed beautifully and the sound is awesome!, the band is tight as hell, no chit chat between songs, they've played just about the whole Doolittle album, Kim Deal is chain smoking and looking semi-fuckable, Francis looks like he put on 50 or 60 pounds (but the camera adds 30 of that right?) anyway this is a must watch for any Pixies's making me wonder why I haven't taken any photos of them recently, fuck I think it's time for me to get an agent lol

v3.0 of my site will be up and running in the next few months, in addition to a new look there will be new photos added from the following bands

Living Colour
The Orange Sky
Buju Banton
Andre Foxx (P-Funk)
The Campbell Brothers
Corrosion of Conformity

Happy Holidays!

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