Sunday, March 06, 2005


I published the new "Shonen Knife" Gallery today - The shots came out really cool..there on tour now in the states for a few months so if they come to your neck of the woods I would highly recommend checking them out...there one of my faves and even cuter live in person...

I picked up the new Mars Volta album "Frances the Mute" this weekend...OMG it's phe-fucking-nomenal!!

Go pick it up, it's on sale all over the place - I think "Best Buy" had it for $6.99...

Me personally I can't go into a chessy retail chain and buy music...even if it's cheaper (I feel to guilty and break out in a rash lol)...I'm all about the local mom and pop indie stores..SUPPORT THEM!!

I also copped the Sigur Ros album "Von" - This should be the soundtrack to a Clive Barker horror flick...very compelling and spooky *in a cool way*

Ok, I'm going to bail and check out this flick "Hero" w/Jet Li

Stay Well

P.S. Cafe Press Sucks Ass!!!!

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