Sunday, December 12, 2004

I've finally got a new gallery up for you to check out (Nonpoint - amazing live band! there new album is really f***ing good - go cop it - SUPPORT!)

Jeez it's been over a month since I've put any new photos up (I've been super busy with other projects (*cough*-my book-*cough*)

Anyway, I'm going to be adding more new galleries in the next week and some new photos to already existing galleries (wait tell you see these shots - fuhgedaboutit)

If your seeing a watermark on some of the older photos ie: "Scott Stewart (c) url: - That was the 1st version of - I'm in the process of cleaning those photos up on the site...

btw if your thinking about going to see Blade 3 - DON'T!

My book is coming along nicely...there are soooo many photos to choose from...I'm hoping everything is completed and I can release it the 1st of the year in January - After much debate and me changing my mind every 5-freaking seconds (ADD is a beautiful thing - people keep telling me there's drugs for this lol) - I've decided to name it "BUY THIS BOOK DAMMIT!" actually I've opted for "Eye Contact" who knows I might change my mind and call it something else next week...

I'll keep the site updated with progress on this project...

Stay Well
Scott =)

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