Friday, December 03, 2004

I'm going to be doing my best of 2004 really soon - What's this?...dig it

"Best of 2004 List" (lists are lame huh?)

Best albums: it's been a great year for new music...
Best Films: coming soon...
Best Concert I shot this year: coming soon
Coolest new band: coming soon
Favorite new jazz cat: coming soon
Best spot to dig for vinyl in Rochester, NY: Come on now! You think I would tell you?!?! I've got to keep this a secret...
Best Food: coming soon
Jordans doing new stuff: my daughter of 20 months (lol)
Newest toy I can't live without: this was easy iPod 20g (I sooooo wish I would have copped the 40g)

Back in a minute with my list...and some more surprises...

The (newest) "limited edition prints page" is coming together nicely...that will be up really soon...again if there's a print your not seeing and are interested in e-mail me =)

btw I'm working on putting together a book (very limited edition) of my favorite photos...there will be short stories and lots of cool stuff in the's gonna be hot!


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