Saturday, October 02, 2004

What's Up (hope your all doing well!)

I went and saw one of my favorite bands on the planet last night - They were mind blowing! There such a great live band - They should be fucking HUGE! and will be someday (actually they should stay a cult favorite, if they got huge and everybody listened to them I probably wouldn't dig them anymore lol) - My only beef with the show was that it should have been @ another venue - They played @ a shitty little local club and there type of live performance needs to be seen on a big stage with a ton of lights and smoke machines, and lots of room for them to jump around - I took a few rolls of film @ the gig so as soon as I get my film back from the lab I'll publish a new gallery - If your scratching your head going who the fuck is ?? Check out there site and get hip - Trust me if you have ears and an open mind you'll dig them (there brilliant!! & super nice guys)

For those inquiring via e-mail in regards to prints and availability of some images - Please have a look on the home page @ the bottom there is a Copyright tab "click" on that and look for the "limited edition prints page" that will give you the scoop...

e-mail me if you have any ?'s =^)>


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