Sunday, July 25, 2004

I just got back from seeing Bourne Supremacy (not bad) - I should have waited and went to see Manchurian Candidate...

New photos added this weekend from Sam Kininger, Earth Wind & Fire & Improm2  - I caught EW&F last week @ the Rochester Music Fest - Had a great time, I was a little skeptical seeing them play...but they still have those great voices and played there hearts out!

Looking forward to seeing Moments in Grace on August 1st (great new band! - more info here &  Fear Factory on August 4th (So glad these guys are back ripping shit up! - There new album is brutal! - more info here

I can't believe summer is almost over! WTF! It flew by...

Here's a list of albums I've got in rotation and endorse fully!

The Roots - The Tipping Point (It may take a few listens but this album will get you!) There on tour with MMW & 311 (weird lineup) - More here - I'm looking forward to the 2nd "Okayplayer Photographer month" coming up in August - It was great having my work on the site last year - It's also a wonderful place for fellow shutterbugs to get there work out there so e-mail them starting Monday if you want a shot to get your work displayed...

Moments in Grace - Moonlight Survived

Jeremy Pelt - Insight (one of the best trumpet players on the scene today) 

Prince - Musicology (best studio album from him in 10 years - worth the loot just to hear "Call My Name")

Amen - Death Before Musick (one of the best albums of the year - brutal! also a fucking great live band!! - more info here )

Amel Larrieux - Bravebird (gorgeous voice - more here

PJ Harvey - Uh Huh Her (Her rawest album since Dry - She wrote, produced and played all of the instruments except for percussion on this one - Awesome album)

It would be nice if Fishbone got there shit together and put out a new studio record this year! 

If you didn't know HELMET IS BACK! How cool is this!?!?! They have a new studio album that drops in Sept and there on tour right after that to support it - I can't wait...

Also just a reminder for you collectors there is a "limited edition prints" page up on the site - On the home page scroll down to the "Copyright info tab" click on that and then when that page opens @ the very bottom is a limited edition prints tab v'iola...

I keep forgetting to do this to - I want  give a BIG THANK YOU to Jason Koransky editor @ Downbeat for having me cover the Rochester International Jazz Fest this year "still the best jazz zine in the world!" 

 Sometimes even though I've been doing this for 10 years I have a hard time getting press credentials - What a pain in the ass it is to shoot nowadays you need to get a photo pass and a spot on the list for whatever show you want to cover and you have to clear that with everyone and there mother, fucking publicist, management etc etc etc - Then you get to the show and they only give you three fucking songs to shoot! - What a joke! (I'm off on a rant) I've got more to say on this later....right now I'm going to listen to this new Russell Malone & Benny Green album...



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